Below are reviews posted by clients on IdeaFit and FacebookAnytime Fitness

“Paul knows his stuff!! I was thoroughly impressed with his routine and his studio and I recommend his training to anyone and everyone!!”


He makes the work-outs fun, very professional! Truly a motivator! !Thank you Paul! !! Always look forward to the challenges!”


I have always dreaded workouts, but with him, I look forward to them— each workout is different and challenging”


“It’s so rewarding when you start seeing the results!!!”


“Definitely one of the best work outs I’ve ever had. The trainer is really nice and his workout really makes you feel the burn I definitely recommend Level Up fitness and I’ll be going back there very soon”


“Paul is the greatest trainer! He has helped me to go above and beyond my personal goals by building me an individual and challenging plan that I love! The workout plans that Paul has made for me evolve with each new goal, which absolutely gave me the edge I needed to win my very first NPC Bikini Competition this year! I have worked with several trainers in the past and have never had the exceptional results I have found in working with Paul. He is a knowledgeable teacher and a great motivator. I would definitely recommend him as a professional and trustworthy personal trainer to anyone who is looking to start a healthier lifestyle”


-Rachael (2014 NPC 1st Place Bikini Novice)

“Awesome facility and great trainer. First session kicked my butt and I felt amazing afterwards! Recommending to everyone!”


“I’ve been training with Paul for a month now and I can definitely see far greater results than trying to train on my own. Paul is very professional and personable. He is interested in knowing your personal fitness goals and tailors your workout to meet those goals. He is very responsive to questions (in person, phone or text). Excellent motivator, he won’t allow you to quit on yourself. I would gladly recommend him to anyone trying to get in shape.”


“Awesome trainer, very professional and sets the workout plans to achieve MY goals. In the 6 weeks I have been working with him I’ve seen nothing but awesome results. Amazing gains in strength and endurance, as well as a huge loss in my body fat percentage. I highly recommend!! You wont regret it!”


“Paul is a fantastic trainer. He takes the time to listen to your fitness goals and objectives and tailors your workout program to meet those goals and objectives. I have experienced greater strength and muscle tone than ever before. I highly recommend Paul as a trainer to everyone regardless of your fitness level.”


“Back on Track!I was in the gym 5-6 days/week since I was in my 20’s, but 18 mos.ago I moved to Charlotte & couldn’t stay consistent with my fitness program & finding the right trainer that was knowledgeable, reliable & prepared for each workout took time to find.I started training with Paul & find each workout to be challenging, fresh & designed for your goals. I’ve gotten my strength back, muscle tone back & love starting my day with a workout to boost the metabolism or ending the day getting rid of stress.Those 5-10lbs. can creep up on you in no time! When you train with Paul, you definitely see the passion he has for fitness & getting his clients results & keeping them on track with a quick text or email.I’m in my 50’s now but feel like I’m 25! Happy to be training with the right trainer!”


“I have been training with Paul for about 6 weeks and my results have been amazing the energy and strength I have now reminds me of the college football days. I have a goal weight of 215 210 Im currently 225 and 6’2. I love his approach to the circuit training it works for me and it has made me a better me fitness wise.”


“Paul is a great trainer! His workouts always keep my attention and are a challenge. I’d refer him to anyone”